What's up guys!! A little about me and why I got into this. I've been watching porn for years. I love it. I love the step fantasy stuff. I went thru a phase with my actual brother so alot of it rings true to me to some degree. I get irritated sometimes by how phony and just overdone some of the large production house stuff gets though... blowjob under the table at Thanksgiving? Give me a break... I felt like there wasn't enough effort being put into some of the stories etc plus I had fantasies of my own that I wanted to share! So I decided to stop sitting around bitching about the lame plot development and try to add some of what I want to see more of. I love a deeper plot development in porn. Pure Taboo is def my #1 studio. This team does porn RIGHT!!! This is the direction I will b moving, trying my best to grow and improve along the way. My goal in porn is to grow my amateur studio to a professional level and produce my own content at a quality and style similar to Pure Taboo. I don't like to stick to taboo. I LOVE the masochistic emotional pain attached to cuckolding...I love artistic scenes etc...I want to do whatever my mind desires, what the fans desire etc, but with a level of plot development and story telling comparable to PT. I love love love this studio...I love u guys!!! Thank you for taking porn to the next level!!!!