Man, 40y
40 years old, Man

i'm a tech nerd boy from liberty heights in the springfield, ma area...
i'm 40 years old.....i'm tall [6'5"½] and skinny [168lbs - 177lbs] with a naturally smooth body. if anyone needs their car/auto/pc/laptop fixed/rebuilt/unlocked let me know...i also restore files even on crashed or any type of non-working drives. i'm not greedy so just pay me whatever you can afford, once i fixed whatever it was you needed fixed......or accomplished whatever task given to me
◄ About Me Ext. ► i'm British Canadian, Irish, German, Ukrainian, french, Dutch, and half Russian...... stuff i love, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, swimming, gym, and working out.
Turn Ons◄ i always get into role playing using my imagination to be i'm very creative i can also turn a creative imagination into something that feels very real.
i always get my bare smooth butt cheeks spanked wicked hard after i'm stripped down in only my underwear....then after awhile my undies gets ripped off my hot body.....then i'm spanked wicked intense across each of my bare smooth butt cheeks! i always make sure my butt cheeks and tight hole get clean shaved before anything and since my body hairs are so thin it looks as if i never grew hair anywhere below my shoulder's.
i'm mostly just spanked on a more serious note.....wicked hard across my bare butt cheeks where a cowboy leather belt is mostly used....i was a bad boy growing up and alot of stuff i didn't get spanked for which some of it it's best for all that i got spanked for it.....pouring a bunch of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) on my entire body...then spanking my butt cheeks with a cowboy leather belt will make it so intense you're unlikely to ever forget that's really the most hot intense spanking i've ever felt in my life......eventually this gives me a huge boner and i became aroused in a good way.