Gay man, 49y
49 years old, Gay man

I am a chubby, hairy, horny bottom(vers) Norwegian guy who love to make amateur porn. I love to suck and get fucked, both with and without filming - though while getting filmed is my favourite so I can the action share with others.
My absolute favourite is to be bottom for a men with big cocks, and I especially love to get fucked by someone who can fuck for a while.
I am mostly bottom, but do not mind getting sucked my self, or some times to fuck a nice ass.
I love to make homemade movies, and hope to get to meet some guys who who are into the same. Would also love to participate in a more professional production and to be the bottom in an orgy with hung tops using my mouth and ass.
I love to eat cum, and I love to feel someone cuming inside my ass. I am STD free.
A dream I have is to make a movie with several tops who use my mouth and ass. If you don't want to show your face that is fine, we will film with you wearing masks/hoods, film so that you face does not show, or hide your face somehow when editing the movie.
I also hope some day to make a hot movie with a slim/fit/muscular guy willing to show his face.
If anyone knows a porn producer or studio who wants bears for their movies, please tip them to check out my movies.
I will not add single women, can consider couples where the male is bisexual. Will not have sex with women, but if she wants to watch (not participate) I can suck him or let him fuck me.
Be patient if sending me an e-mail, snap or message
I really hate people sending me a snap, then unfriending or blocking when I don't reply within 5 minutes. I am often busy with work and other stuff as porn is my hobby (So far). If you add me on snap, then block or unfriend me, I will most likely not add you back again!