Max Shenanigans #5,301
Non-binary, Amateur
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Mary Poppins meets Mad Max. Then sprinkle in some Ancient Magic, a large squirt of Erotically charged Soul Funk Power Jams that would make even the Devil Blush and that's me.
Passions include spreading joy, charity, comedy, self empowerment and general Shenanigans. I've been described as "short and full of attitude" which is true. However, I've also been described as "a solid mix of gun powder and glow sticks" also true. No matter how one attempts to label my unique brand of crazy, it's definitely fun. Cum join the weirdness and let those freak flags fly! "Practice ruthless compassion." Now please tell me a little about yourself, whatever feels comfortable to share or course. Not only am I a phenomenal listener and generally interested in your amazing self. My over 25 years of practicing magic dating back to stone the age times just might help. Please be polite and not dirty in chat until given permission. Other hobbies of mine (I would love to hear about yours) include adventure based self Improvement, Bush craft and primitive skills, Jewish magic, stone age magic, role play games, table top games...(which I do design) historical reenactor mostly in the renaissance and Medieval times and most of all...making people feel the love and validation they deserve.