Man, 24y
24 years old, Man

im not gonna reveal my real name but everything else is legit including my age
i im emotionally and mentally unstable im always hyper im really chill and i just like to chill in the shadows and tend not to talk with anyone unless they reach out to me and im very dense allot of the time and have adhd as well as mpd im more or less an introvert and don't tend to talk often.
im almost always angry but can suppress it on a daily.
im very shy at times and express myself in other ways like.

example:music and being random as hell.
im sorta lazy to a degree and very honest as i despise dishonesty.
and im often depressed because of how trash my life is and trans females scare me most of the time but if ur kind and chill i won't be afraid.
also im broke and have no true way to make money and i live with my psycho mom so yeh also im a half furry and half scaly