Transvestite, 63y
63 years old, Transvestite

I am an older tv who has been in the scene for a number of years. I enjoy going to clubs in San Francisco because they are much more open to alternative life styles than most of the USA. In particular the Citadel is a BDSM club that does not mind TV's

I identify as a bottom, but occasionally switch. My tastes are decidedly outside the norm. I enjoy being spanked, even flogged. I enjoy role play and have a creative mind.

I am an exhibitionist and love to me dominated in public. Although I am a slut, I do require my top to show respect and class. It sounds like a bit of a contradiction, but really is not. I love a man, or woman, who can keep me in my place and take what they want.

I also love to receive golden showers. None of the clubs permit this, but with the right person I love to go home and receive their piss. Yeah, I know that this also places me outside the norm. But what the hell. I am a male in a dress who loves sucking cocks,and anal sex, so what is wrong with drinking pee. LOL