Man, 48y
48 years old, Man

I am a CD Sissy Boy, I Love Giving Oral Sex, I Swallow. I LOVE Receiving Anal Sex, I Really LOVE to be Gangbanged and I also enjoy the occasional Double Anal.
I am a Total Power Bottom and I have NO and I mean NO interest in being a Top.
If you keep your Lust Muscle Hard and my Ass well lubed then you can Pound my Boy Pussy for a very Long time.
I ONLY have Sex Dressed as a Woman.
I like being Fucked and Treated like a woman.
If You have any feminine clothes and a wig that you would like me to wear, bring them. I'm Yours.
I don't need much to get me to turn into a Slut. A wig and some stockings or a corset is just the basics. And of course your Hard Cock. That's obviously a must.
I am looking for Older Men, 40 or Older and the more the merrier. Younger men are also very welcome too.
If you want to be/play my "Daddy" that would be Great as well.
I also do roleplaying like: Dad/Daughter (my favorite), Teacher/Student, Husband/Wife, Boss/Employee, etc. NO bondage, slave or humiliation stuff.
One on One is okay with me, but I LOVE having at least two guys Fucking me so that I can have Both of my Sissy holes filled with Hard Cocks.
The more cocks I have, then the Happier I am.
I Don't care what color you are or whether you are tall, short, skinny or fat, what matters IS that you have a Hard Cock and that You want to FUCK Me with it. THAT is what matters.
I LOVE being Power Fucked.
I AM an Anal Addict, I Can't get enough of Hard Cocks Pounding, Thrusting, Pumping, Slamming and Impaling me. Dildos are okay, but they are NO substitute for the Real thing.
You can make Love to me Gently, you can Pound my Sissy Pussy like a Jackhammer or you can ride me like a Wild Bronco, though I do enjoy sex more when it is hard pounding sex.
I know that I am definitely NOT the Skinniest and I know that I am most certainly NOT the Prettiest Sissy boy that you will ever Fuck, but I AM One who WILL Love Your Cock, so Please Pound my Sissy Pussy Hard and feed me Your Thick Creamy Cum.
Fuck my Pussy HARD like YOU OWN it.
I feel that each time that I have sex, it is NOT Complete until my Sissy Pussy has been Thoroughly and I mean THOROUGHLY Fucked HARD by Big Thick Well Lubed Cocks.

Rough Sex Equals Great Sex.

Big Hard Cocks are the BEST Cocks.

I LOVE Cock. The feel of it Thrusting, Pounding, Grinding,
Slithering and Pumping in my Ass is just such a Wondrous feeling. As the man drives his Hard Meaty Shaft into my Ass, the thrill of Penetration, is an Excitable Joy that my Ass Hungers with Love to be Filled and Impaled by that thick rod of Manly Power. The Pleasurable feel of the veins that Enfold a hard cock are like a Web of Desire as they Pulsate continually in and out of my Sissy Pussy, makes me Yearn and Desire for More and More!! When the man places his Erect Sword in front of me so that his Nectar of Lust, Erupts in my waiting and Begging mouth so that I may Drink the Sweet Hot Creamy Juices of his Ethereal Being. Then as his Cum flows gently down my throat and into me, my body is Warmed by his Sexual Essence and I want MORE!!!

Kiss me, Spank me, Fuck me HARD!

Sex is a Celebration of Life,
So Celebrate Life by having as much Sex as possible.