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I'm a 3D porn creator working on Blender and specialized in BDSM.
I'm a 3D Animator (Former professional) who makes NSFW and mostly BDSM animations on Blender with models other peoples are kind enough to make for free ^^.
My goal is to explore and share the universe I have in my mind by telling stories that takes place in that universe.
I will not post very frequently because I prefer long animations with a story and good quality and most of it, because posting a lot is time consuming and I prefer animation over communication.
I want all my work to be accessible to anyone so I post everything for free on my MEGA public folder but people that supports me can have it in high quality, watermark free, WIP, early access and other things.
Support also always increase my motivation and the time I can give to this part of my life ^^.
I'm Also a bdsm enthusiastic and mostly a shibari rigger/model/photographer/teacher so if you are near Montpellier ?? and interested in this kind of stuff feel free to contact me ^^.
ALL my Shibari/Kinky/Photo:
Take care.