I created a Real Reality Porn site - I had the idea to film my life... my passion is sucking straight guys' cocks. I love seducing them, eating their virgin boy pussies and sometimes even 'deflowering' them. This is my world - it's what I did before I ever filmed it, and my movies show it! I put the A in Amateur hehehe Here & Now I'm restoring some of the movies that had been lost to time. Or so it was thought. I have an enormous, all inclusive personal archive - some of these videos have never been seen at all (and some of my movies will never be seen, being truly "Private Collection" items) and some have been lost, though I'm tracking them down, one by one - but many of these are being remastered & re-released EXCLUSIVELY on AmateurStraightGuys.com, and the movies that I'm in are going up on JaysStraightGuys.com and here on XVideos. So watch this space for news & the hottest straight guy seduction movies ever filmed!!
True Fans, Neophytes and Acolytes (you know who you are!) - all will find something new and exciting here and at Jay's Straight Guys!!!!!

PS: If you're wondering, the creature at the beginning of the El Chupaverga videos is (look it up) a "Bone Vampire" ROFL :)