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Dear Friends, Brace yourself for this, READ ONLY when your ready. “JoeJoe Is about to educate your behind’.

First I want to thank you for interest in my profile here and even if you found me else where. So THANK YOU for accepting me for I am and for who I am as a Human Being with Light. As for the rest, Good luck! Your Darkness is only getting more and more darker by the actions and pain you cause yourself and others. My thoughts go out to you who hold the darkness wishing that you may come to the aura of Goodness. Surrender!

Moreover, wow! So many years has gone by and here I am teaching what Ive learned through opening my heart, my mind, and courageously talking action about it. Yes there has been a lot of pain and a lot of happiness as well. My suggestion to anyone lost or concerned about what they are or confused of anything sexuality has them confused upon, To Simply Be Patient, Humble, And Always Remember To Be Thankful For The Moment.

My Quest to fill a void for many years has brought me to a world of stigma. The indifferences and opinions of others has often proven invalid to my experiences. Yet, the constructive criticism has shown much more important then to not listen to the voices rolling in the air waves of our time For it nonetheless all about our growth into maturity and knowledge or in my case, Wisdom. And what is the point in having gone through all trials or hardship if we can’t use it for nothing but thoughts? So yes, We can only keep what we have by giving it away. As I continue to exist in this world I vow to always give out authentic, real truths and my wisdom marked by experience so that I don’t put anymore pain into this life rather than Creating Love and Hope.

I’m a Switch, known in the beds communities and other wise heard of as a versatile. But I’m not versatile because as a switch I more than just your positions like top to bottom. I’m Switch, I am any role my partner should have me or anything I play as my choice to people please. I am your top/bottom, your fem/masculine, your dominate/submissive or I am Your little slave girl. Whatever my partner request I often find that i can switch into that role as a selfish but selfless man who aims to please not only myself, but to please others in general would be the ultimate pleasures of intake. I cannot be happy satisfied if my partners are not satisfied themselves. Therefore, Please someone tell me how that would be defined as a versatile gay man? Instead I wish to be known as a switch in my sexuality and to even clear it all up, in my everyday life for the reasons of insecurities and confusions brought on by what others think, do, or want. For I Speak only for me and my wisdom, That my sexuality is a god given instinct and it is to be respected and used in goodness only. Otherwise I get what I put into it and negative consequences can be life changing and constitutes more pain we already can do without. Hence Why I Have The Tatted tear drop under my right eye. Pain is not optional, so hurt little but don’t make pain bigger for anyone but you. My tears are constantly reminding me of the pain Ive brought on not only to myself, but also to others.

In conclusions, I am A switch Gay Man that only aims to bring happiness to my life by body taking chances with sexually expressing my thoughts and actions and by making mistakes that sometimes cannot be forgiven such as my pain I’ve brought into my baby boos life Rara. Forgiveness is not what I need as much as to not suffer from my own actions and never allowing myself to hurt anyone again like I have in such a self-centered way as in cheating or lying to cover my lies. Horrible and I will endure that pain with him forever. Love You Rara, And So Proud Of Your Courage And Character. YouROCK!

Nevertheless, please feel free to send me request or questions or anything else you inquire about and I will be happy to assist. Im currently in rolled in college courses for the next two years, so i can ask that you be patient with my responding. My email is [email protected] and you can also find me under babyroojoey Via instagram or Facebook. My hope and wishes for all is to find a bravery to take action upon their sexuality and to never deprive themselves of an experience because of fear or the unexpected. To attack life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness under Laws of Good orderly Directions. (GOD)