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Hi I am Bryan i was born with a physical disability called Arthrogryposis, i live in Canada, I get lots of hot dick so I'm not really complaining about how unfair or unfortunate my life is. it's pretty hard to complain when I get to suck off hot twinks all the time. I find value and happiness where I can and for me I take pride in sucking dick but i never pride myself on being the best at it. there is always someone out there who can suck better than i can but for me its never been a challenge to make guys cum and it's not about proving anything to anyone. I suck dick for the pure enjoyment of it not to prove anything. one other thing about me is that I'm not into anal sex and i know it come as a surprise since I'm completely gay but just not into fucking anyone or getting fucked by anyone. I personally rather just suck dick and eat ass and making out is always fun with the right guy.