I'm Kerri LaBouche, a tall yet slim trans girl who enjoys making porn. When I make my porn, I put everything into making sure every scene I do comes out looking great. I'm still relatively new, having only started last year, including doing professional porn. (First shoot was with Grooby.) I pride myself on being a Deepthroat Queen as I love oral. And nothing beats having something nice and thick running down your throat
I'm a Trans/Fetish, Specializing in feet and having a big ass girl dick. :) . Being an adult entertainer has filled me with an great sense of freedom and satisfactio. (also no gross jokes.........i'm not here to flirt with you!)
Please put your compliments and random messages in the <3 COMMENTS <3 It helps my channel and my videos! You are much more likely to get a response in comments! I wont respond to chat unless it's business related. I get hundreds of messages on here, I only have time to chat with supporters and models.
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