Big Booty Tech Nerd #92
Transsexual, Amateur, 29y
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Hello everyone! After a long hiatus away, the nerdy submissive total bottom known as Big Booty Tech Nerd is back with a new look guaranteeing content that though different, will be much more fun and diverse. When I first launched on the scene, it catapulted me into instant notoriety I wasn't expecting. This new fame allowed me access and financial security to find myself in a way I was never able to in the conservative corporate world of graphic design in the south. The beginning of my brand had so many ups yet also some heavy downs. One thing a year break has allowed me to do was reconnect with so many of the old passions I enjoyed before college and diving into a career. I want you guys to experience me in all my nerdy yet sexually fun glory. From gaming, to art, skate boarding, massages and more, you guys are gonna get more than just guys laying the pipe down my tight wet hole, so follow my socials and subscriptions and get ready for quite the experience.