I'm not a full time 24/7 "T". I would and could. I know I am male, I don't try to act like I'm confused. The female side of me is all real, I'm not acting.
I like to dress nicely and proper, but also like slutty. Love heels and want more. Any thing less than 4" are house shoes. I have to, need to, ware wigs. Long straight, with bangs, auburn in color.
I bottom only. I'm not so new to the scene as much anymore. I am shy at first.I like age 20 and up. Heavy set guys are ok, skinny guys are too. Just talk to me, I'm don't place myself up on a high pedestal, maybe one step up. (I'm playing). I love me, ( not playing ) I like anal sex. I'm getting better at deep throat. I've done water sports and have one video of me as the target. I liked all that. I don't like poop.
I'm not Gay, I'm bi sexual.
I don't. ( any more ) I stopped. :) I'm friendly.
I smoke. ( Not 420 ) 420 friendly. :)
I like the fast powder snow skiing ;)
I like Coke a cola, but I like the ICE in the glass. ;)
...Wink wink. ..Do you know what I mean?... I like to get spun,...
I tell myself I'm bisexual. Because I still love hot woman. I try to dress as a woman. I don't want to be a woman, because I like the ability to stand and piss. I do, how ever, want tits. Nothing large, for now, but maybe a "C" cup.
I don't see many men I think are a turn on. I have tho, and some of the girly boys...lol. What makes men more attractive to me is that they are attracted to me. I still don't top. I would a woman. But I may shoot before it get hard ha ha ha ha.
My cock is average at best. Most of the time it small. Don't matter. I only use it to aim with.
I try to leave everyone's comments up about me good or bad. I do remove the dumb ones like are you free tonight and like that. If you like me like me, if you don't ... so what? We all got to live with the good and bad, or we die.
Well, lets see what I missed putting in this profile.